Our Focus is Clear

The Neag Foundation is committed to philanthropy in the areas outlined below.

class lecture at higher education institution


Education needs our support as states continue to decrease their monetary allocations to higher education. The Neag Foundation is committed to supporting research and creative new programs. We believe that support for students of all ages can have a lasting impact on future generations.

smiling doctor shaking hand of patient


The Neag Foundation is committed to supporting healthcare and our donations in this area will advance research, healthcare intervention programs and educational outreach. We also support innovative solutions to meet varied and increasing demands in medical professions.

woman sculpting human bust

The Arts and Humanities

The Neag Foundation supports the arts and humanities because we believe in the power of the human experience and the ways in which the arts and humanities enhance our understandings about our world. The arts bring us joy, help us understand our world and enable us to improve our well-being and happiness.