One Step Closer to Getting Funding

Below are the steps to our grant application process.

Apply for a Grant

The first step is to complete the application form found on our website to provide us with a clear understanding of how the proposal fits the mission of our foundation. We encourage applicants to provide comprehensive information that fully explains the project. 

Grant Review

Every application is reviewed by our foundation. The goal of this review is to understand what the project entails, why it is important, how it will be implemented, and how it will be maintained once all grant funding has ended.

Clarifying Questions and/or Site Visit

Following the application review and submission of responses to any clarifying questions, we may reach out to schedule a discussion or possibly a site visit with members of your organization charged with the implementation of the grant. This discussion/site visit provides applicants with an opportunity to showcase other resources that will allow the grantee to successfully implement the proposed project.


Once all questions have been answered and any site visits have been completed, the Grant Review Committee will meet to determine if the project will be funded. Funding decisions will be made by November 15th for fall funding and May 15th for the spring funding.


Once your grant application is approved, we will notify you and ask you to sign a Grant Acceptance Letter between your organization and the Neag Foundation. By signing the letter, your organization agrees to the terms within the letter and the reporting requirements that will include intended results, targets, milestones, or reporting deliverables, as well as information about funding.